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Here are some informational and helpful links to various public agencies and      organizations.  All links are provided as informational only and provided for your convenience.

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San Diego

LOST OR FOUND PETS OR STRAYS  (619) 236 - 4250

To report a Lost or Found Animals/Pets: contact the San Diego Department of Animal Services
Call 619 236 - 4250

San Diego
Dead Animal
Removal from
(Streets and Alley ways ONLY)

In San Diego, to request the removal of a dead animal from the street or alley way. 

Call  (858) 694-7000  6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

San Diego Wildlife Rehabilitators Project Wildlife:

For injured Wildlife such as birds and mammals in San Diego

 Please Call (619)225-9202 Care Center Hours Open 7 Days a week 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Rabies - Everything you should know CDC

This website contains all the information you should know about Rabies, but may not.

Rabies And Bats CDC California

This website covers all of California & contains all the information you should know about Rabies.

Call Now and San Diego Gopher Control in most cases, can have an Damage Control Operator out to you the same day! Feel safe again in no time.  


San Diego County (Lakeside) Phone: 619-443-3692
Sally Lambert, Emergency Wildlife Rehab
Wildlife Species:
opossums, raccoons

San Diego County
(Ramona) Phone: 619-789-2324
The Fund for Animals Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Comments: fax 619-788-2029
Wildlife Species:
coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, and birds of prey

San Diego County (San Diego) Phone: 619-225-WILD
Project Wildlife
Wildlife Species:
native birds and mammals

San Diego County (San Diego) Phone: 619-291-4587
Diana Sieberns (President), Wildlife Center

San Diego County (San Diego) Phone: 619-749-8160
Marvin Snell, Wildlife Center of San Diego
Comments: fax 619-749-8304